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We Help Companies Identify, Select and Develop Exceptional Leaders, Managers & Teams

approaching job market

Approaching the Job Market is not an easy task for Job Seekers when they are fresh and inexperienced graduates. Ruaa Consultancy will show you the best way to get closer to your dream job.

Ruaa, with qualified and relevant experience staff will be here to help

interviewing n skills

Whether it is a CEO job,Technical or Admin job opportuinity, the selection process will decide the best candidate and of course interview will be the part where you can express yourself in front of your future boss.

"Play it right and get the best"

talent sourcing

Henry Ford said "Take my machinery, tools, papers but leave me with my staff, I will be able to start again". It is all about talents so if you recruit the right talent you have given your company the best service ever.

Let our talented team help you choose the best talented people in the market for your company.

development n growing

Throughout the business cycle, growth is the best which can be given to the business so let our team do a thorough look to your business model and identify the best utilization of the staff and to find incomplete

HR consultation

HR is in the heart of every company; hence, HR problems affect the whole outcome and business of the company. Come to us let us have a look at your HR Processes and Practices and we shall provide your company with the latest efficient Hr practices in the market

efficiancy boosting

Whether it is a booming time for businesses or a time where companies need to slow down, our efficiency boosting program will ensure the best steering course of your ship.

organisational structure

Organizational structures and Job descriptions are very important for all companies. They clarify what, when and where jobs to be done. They are very effective tool in measuring the performance of an employee of a department as well. With more than thousands job description and organization hierarchies, our staff executed, we can write new or update your existing one to meet future ambitions.

Go / no go

This is a special program designed for the college students in the graduation to give them access to the right tools to get their first job.

hire n fire

Do not take it personal let us do this for you in a professional manner